november wrap-up // what happened this month!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

it's already almost December guys. and when did November happen exactly? *looks around confusedly* i really don't know to be honest. it just flew by. 

This month happened to be my first month on a chic bookworm (woohoo!), so this is the first installment of my monthly wrap-ups. Perhaps I will come up with some witty name for it like Abbiee's Waffle Parties. Probably not, but we can always hope.

There were a good bunch of posts this month, and here they are:

Note to self: Make post headers all the same size so that they all fit together more evenly. My perfectionist-brain is freaking out right now.

For me, this month was about cranking out some good material for my blog, so the next several months may have a few less posts.

Exams are coming up for me in the next couple weeks, guys, and they're gonna be a doozy. AHHH. kinda freaking out about them right now, to be honest. We're not even done with tests yet! (!!!) Four tests next Wednesday/Thursday which gives me, oh let's see, about 3-4 days to study for exams. That's definitely not enough for me to feel comfortable, but I'll figure it out. It'll be fine in the end...hopefully.

Sorry, just had to get that off my chest and vent. But the next couple weeks are gonna be hectic.

But also, CHRISTMAS! (!!!) AKA my favorite holiday because I get to see my whole family, which only happens once or twice a year!! 
Also, BOARD GAMES! It's on. I WILL win parcheesi this year! I am actually so pumped for the holidays!

My opinion on Christmas music: It may now be played since it is after Thanksgiving.

Some of my favorite posts of the month were:

(actually Abbiee's blog in general)

(and Cait's blog in general)

Katie Grace's Nano posts. I don't know. I just enjoyed reading them.

my favorite pic I have ever taken. so bright and clean. *sighs happily*

In addition to starting my blog this month, I also started my bookstagram account! It's been fun to take pictures of my books and be creative with it! My photography skills have actually improved a good bit since I started.
My instagram handle is chic_bookworm if you want to check it out, and my pictures are also at the very bottom of my blog page (under the post and comments section).

Minor Drawback: My bookshelf gets so disorganized when I decide to take pictures. *sigh* I guess my bookshelf will never be properly alphabetized again, but I do enjoy bookstagraming.

This is the music I have been listening to for most of this month, whether I was blogging, car-riding, or relaxing. This is an unusually chill playlist for me. I usually listen to the super hype dance remixes, so this is a pretty calm playlist. and it's not even that chill in the grand scheme of things.

My main goal: do well on exams and make it to Christmas vacation.

But also:
-Indoor track has started for me and my first meet is the 3rd. I hope to survive this meet and not die during the 4x800. kidding...but not really
-be outgoing and more outwardly happy. sometimes I am really happy inside...but my face is an emotionless void. I guess that's an introvert issue? I just want to smile more this month and make other people smile. I'm usually pretty happy,  I just need to share it.
-run during Christmas break and not get totally out of shape. more track meets after christmas...

here is a beautiful cactus just because.

That's about it for November! It's been a great month for me, partly because I started this blog. I am so glad that I decided to claim this tiny area of the giganticness that is the Internet.
  I'm so ready for December and the holidays! Hope you enjoyed this post!

Has November been a good month for you?? Are you pumped for Christmas? I certainly am! What do you want to accomplish in December? Chat with me in the comments!

xoxo, madeline


  1. AW YOU ARE SO KIND SHOUTING OUT TO MY WAFFLE PARTIES. :''') *hugs you* EEEP GOOD LUCK ON THE EXAMS! I can't imagine how much stress that must be. *gives you waffles of comfort* Also I completely agree about the Christmas music thing: AFTER THANKSGIVING. Because to me Thanksgiving is it's own holiday?? I DON'T GET THIS CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS ON THANKSGIVING LIKE WHAT WHAT WHAT. Ahem. But yes. I'M PUMPED FOR CHRISTMAS. <3333 Also your bookstagram is beautiful!! WELL DONE.


    1. thanks for the good luck! *eats lots of waffles in preparation*
      and Thanksgiving really is its own holiday and it should be treated like one! and that means christmas decorations and music AFTER!

  2. I agree, that cactus is beautiful as is THE WHOLE ENTIRETY OF YOUR BLOG! All of your graphics are gorgeous, they don't even have to be the same size to make the aesthetic side of my brain happy. Loving your bookstagram photo! I've always been terribly indecisive when it comes to picking a theme. Thanks for sharing x
    Fleur @ FranklyBooks just posted CHRISTMAS IS COMING UP...

    1. aww thank you so much! you are the sweetest!

  3. Good luck with your tests(or did those already happen?)! And Christmas, yes! Christmas is my favorite, not just because of the day, which is pretty great, but I love the whole Christmas season. Christmas music, movies, books, decorations, lights, all of it! I totally feel you on the whole being super happy but not looking happy thing. I'm pretty crazy and loud with people I know really well, but otherwise I'm super shy.

    1. thanks for the good luck! (my tests are next week) And I'm with you about Christmas. The whole season is just so happy and full of cheer! *shrieks because it's christmas time*
      I'm the same way! I'm very loud with my close friends, but usually, I'm pretty quiet.

  4. Aww, thanks for linking to my post! I'M HONOURED. *flails about happily* And omg good luck with all the running! I run everyday but just for myself, so I'm not really timing or anything, but it's so much fun and so invigorating! Also YAY that you get to see all your family and everything again! WOOOO. I'm not the biggest fan of christmas xD But I do love all the delicious food around this time of year haha.

    1. you're so welcome! thanks for the good luck!! I am so pumped to see my whole family again. It has been such a long time! the food around Christmas is THE BEST.


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