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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Bon weekend! Right now, I am still trying to figure out my posting schedule, so bear with me if my posts are just flying everywhere with no rhyme or reason. I think what I am going to do is book reviews on wednesdays and a couple of other miscellaneous/reading/fashion posts on the weekends/friday. I already messed up this schedule yesterday by posting a review on Friday, but that's ok because the New Schedule™️ will officially begin next week! (or that's just what i'm saying...)
So, today, for a misc post of the weekend, I will be explaining exploring why I love fantasy novels so much (because I don't even know for sure why I love fantasy books so much!). I started this blog last week, and already, I have mentioned my love for fantasy many times. Which is why I will be explaining my obsession in depth today. Fantasy-haters, it's ok if you dislike my favorite genre, but I am still going to attempt to convert you to the dark side. Here are 4 reasons why I really love fantasy.

The fact that I get to live in a world totally different from my own (for the few days that I read a book) is probably the single greatest reason why I love fantasy novels so much. With contemporaries, there's a pretty good amount of variation with what you can write about, but with fantasy, oh man. There's an endless and infinite amount of worlds you can create. I love to read fantasy because although it is far from reality, it intrigues my imagination.

I think that fantasy novels are generally more creative and out of the box than contemporaries. They can be as out-worldly and eccentric as an author wishes or maybe a little closer to home. 

I'm not saying that our world is not interesting, but sometimes, you want to go somewhere else for a while. Where the 2016 presidential election isn't happening, where the adv. bio test won't ever take place, and where you can just escape from everything*.

The world-building in a fantasy novel also has the potential to ruin the book. I think this is why I either really really enjoy fantasy novels or flat out just don't. There are some novels in the middle of this, but that is rare for me.

But just think about it: it's really amazing that we can dream up our own fantasy worlds and put them down on paper.

*you still have to face your problems at some point, but it's ok to get lost in a book for a little while.

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I have read many a book featuring magic, and yet, it never gets old. There are definitely times in life I would love to have magical powers and just fly to the end of the cross country race. Of course, that's not how it works in our world, but fantasy novels allow us to get lost in a world where magic actually is possible. 

Magic is not only a topic of many fantasy novels, but it is also a part of it. When you read Harry Potter you can't help but feel the magic.  Without meaning to, you can feel the magic of the world J.K. Rowling has created every facet of. Seeing is not always believing.

I don't really know how to explain it, but there's a certain feeling of happiness I get when I read about magic. It just feels special, like it is your own totally personal world.

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This one sort of ties into the topic of magic. The characters in fantasy novels have the potential to be so much more interesting than just regular people. Usually, fantasies feature a) a person with magical powers or b) someone who doesn't have special powers but is just as powerful as those who do. 

I love reading about both. When I read about characters who don't have magical powers (in a world of people who do), it just makes the character that much more special. They might not have special magic, but they can survive the fireballs and/or dragons rushing at them. That's an accomplishment. 

When a character does happen to have magical powers, they are still pretty special. They are the ones who can take a hit from the fireball/dragon and end up fine. But usually they are the ones controlling the dragon in the first place. This is also an accomplishment.

I feel that characters in fantasy novels can be more diverse, and they tend to have more unique personalities. 

Finally, I really enjoy the action that takes place in fantasies. I do enjoy a more chill book now and then, but mostly, I just want to read about action, adventure, and some more action. I think it's safe to day that there is definitely more action in (most) fantasy than in (most) other books. I don't know about you, but I tend to only pick up the fantasy that has plenty of action. 

Fantasy has the potential for monsters and other trials that cannot be faced by characters living in a normal world. And when do dragons not make a book that much more exciting? No time whatsoever is the answer. 

The action is much richer in fantasy than in any other genre. There isn't anything that will compare to dragon-fighting in any contemporary, is there? I didn't think so.

There is usually a love triangle/love interest in fantasy novels, and while I don't really like love triangles, the action/adventure parts of a fantasy will usually balance this out. 

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 I think the main point I am trying to get across is that fantasy can be anything you want it to be. An author can make a world wayyy more beautiful than our own or one that is darker, one in which we are glad we do not have to live. I love fantasy because it is a glimpse into a world that is not our own. 

Hope you enjoyed this post! Do you enjoy reading fantasy? What is your favorite/least favorite part about it? Comment below!

xoxo, madeline

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