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Friday, December 16, 2016

So I've been MIA for a couple weeks. like I said in my November Wrap-Up, this couple weeks has been hectic with exams and shenanigans like that. but I'm back now for the winter break and better than ever!

Here is the start of a new series. Don't get me wrong, I love books and reading, but sometimes I want to discuss something else. And this is *my* own personal corner on the internet, so I shall do what I want with it. This probably won't be an every week kind of thing?? probably?

So obviously this is a series that I will post in the morning, hence, "morning musings."* I don't really have a strict format or anything like that yet for these posts. I'll figure it out as I go...

So for today at least, I am going to tell you about the previous week and the week ahead of me. things that made me happy and stuff like that. capiche? capiche. cool, peeps.

*any ideas for a witty name for this series I could use?? let me know! I mean, I like "morning musings" but any other ideas?

- I went to New Hampshire last week and experienced the first snow of the season! it was so so beautiful!! I wish I had pictures to show you but, like a doofus, I didn't take any :( but take my word for it that IT WAS BEAUTY-FUL.

- studying with friends. studying for exams is definitely not fun alone, but throw your closest friends in the mix, and now biology is bi-HOLLA-gy. sorry. that was so stupid but I had to say it. friends make studying bearable. that's the key point here. Plus, saying information out loud helps me remember it.

- I finished about 3 books this week. and I'm about to read about 10 more because it's winter vacation! You know what that means: LOTS of books reviews coming up in the next couple of weeks.

- and finally: beautiful music from Abbiee's post. Ruelle and Fleurie are my new favs when it comes to writing music. I am now inspired to make my writing playlist better than ever!

I wouldn't say that this was a horrible week, but it did have it's low points.

- when this picture sums up your whole week:
You can see that my week was absolutely great! SO FUN.

-my Bûche de Nöel. STORY TIME: I made this buche de noel (aka yule log) for french class and there was this competition for the best one and everything. So we had to drop it off to be judged before 7:45am in the morning. GUESS WHAT HAPPENED?? There was a wreck outside the school and I got to school at 7:47am. Two minutes late. It took me LITERALLY FIVE hOurs to make this thing. *flails arms angrily* Argh. I give up at bûche-ing.

But actually when I think about it again now, this whole buche-incident cracks me up.

- I read about 3 books this week. I was supposed to be studying. probably with that 400 question Biology quizlet. (see above picture)

This week, I learned that sometimes I just need TO CHILL OUT a little bit. (from the incident of the bûche and exams) If you know me personally, you would probably agree that I am probs the least chill you will ever meet. I'm pretty stressy.

Sometimes (like in the case of exams), I just need to trust myself that I'll be ok. I've already learned and tested well on the information. I will be fine with it. I have studied hard and all I can do now is have confidence.

Other times, like the situation with my yule log, I just need to laugh it off and move on. I'm still a little bit annoyed by it, but IT'S A BUCHE DE NOEL for gosh sake. I can't get that upset.

- read even more books. it's winter vacation, and you know what that means! curling up under a fluffety blanket and hot chocolate for most of the day! (it may not seem like it, but I am way behind on the number of books I want to read this year)

- run a lot, so I'm not out of shape when I go back to track practice.

- destress and relax. I've had a stressful couple of weeks, so that is just what I need right now.

- write a ton more blog posts. I'm sorry I've been MIA, but there'll be a bunch more posts in the next couple of weeks. I kind of want to do a couple of christmas photography posts...what do you think??

- BE MERRY AND BRIGHT. because it's the most wonderful time of the year, and there has been a (shocking) lack Christmas spirit so far in my house. We still need to break out the decorations and wreaths.

How has your week been?? anything happen that was really awesome? Are you excited for Christmas like I am?? let me know in the comments!! 

xoxo, madeline


  1. Hello again! Looks like you have been busy with lots of things! Studying with friends is almost always too much fun. My weeks been good. I have been enjoying lots of snow.

    1. thanks for the comment! I agree that studying with friends is sometimes almost too much fun! we always end up laughing and off topic five minutes in!


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