january wrap-up!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017
hey peeps. we've reached that time of the month again. that's right. the end.

i dunno what even to say at this point besides the fact that january basically never even happened. that's how fast it went by.

overall, it's been a great month, but it's also been extremely busy!

this month was a really amazing reading month despite the fact that winter break ended and i went back to school. i really didn't read that much on the weekdays, but i managed to read two or three books each weekend! here's the stack!

The Crown's Game - the first book of the year! woo! i liked it more than i expected to.
A Darker Shade of Magic - AMAZING. i just ordered the second book!
Noteworthy - i think that this was my first ARC ever, and it was also AMAZING. i really loved it and the concept!
The Prince - this was an assigned book for school, but it was actually kind of fascinating. i getcha niccolo.
Children of Eden - strong meh.
Fantastic Beasts: The Screenplay - this was so fun to read! loved it and the movie!
Scythe - YESSSS. this is definitely making my favorite books of 2017.
Animal Farm - also an assigned book for school. it was interesting but not my favorite book read for english class.
Passenger - meh. character development was not very strong but it was ok-ish.
Girl in Pieces - i think that i literally read this in one sitting. it was so captivating/heartwrenching.
Heartless - this book was so fun! i do wish that it had been a bit stranger though. it's wonderland! it needs to be weird/wonderful
City of Ashes - it was good but it was just kinda anticlimactic. hopefully, the next book will be better.
Crown of Midnight - this was good but not my favorite. dunno. i was looking forward to other books.
Wink Poppy Midnight - this was easily one of the strangest books i've ever read. but then again i LOVE love strange books with all my heart. also, this one was really great to create an aesthetic board with.

unfortunately, as it worked out, i only posted seven times this month, therefore causing the pictures below to be less aesthetically pleasing.

favorite posts of this month!
- the post abbie wrote on burning youth about being rebellious. it really inspired me this january, even if i read it on the second to last day of the month

- also abbie's post on her main blog about being an observer vs. a critic. it really reminded me of my aim to enjoy the learning process more. 

- sarah margaret's book reveal post. that is so awesome! congrats!

- vivian's sketchbook post. YOU ARE SO TALENTED, GIRL.

- honestly every single person's goals for 2017. i just love reading those posts.

also: it's my three month blogaversary! *confetti shoots everywhere*

- indoor track is over. it was a great season and i'm ready for outdoor!

- school started back. i'm not the happiest munchkin about this. i'd rather read all day.

- i read way more than i was planning on. it may or may not have interfered with math homework just a little? i got fourteen books into my goal of 60 for the year. so far i'm going on strong.

- just ordered Caraval and A Gathering of Shadows and i'm #stoked. really. so excited!

- my whole family took the mbti test. that was an interesting night...we're evenly matched: two introverts and two extroverts.

so i started my novel this month and i'm really excited about it! (i introduced it here)

at this point, i'm about 5,000 to 6,000 words in. haha only about 50,000 to go!

unfortunately, i was able to plot/start writing this month, but i was unable to make much headway.

i haven't really been listening to any music in particular this month, but i will mention that i have been listening to abbie's epic writing soundtrack (below) when i was starting my novel and also A LOT of Dexter Britain when i'm doing homework/writing.

thanks for making such an awesome playlist, abbie!

i can't believe january has already come to an end! what did you do this month? are you looking forward to anything particularly in february (i know i am! it's my bday month!) talk to me in the comments!

xoxo, madeline


  1. Aw, thanks for mentioning me! Looks like a great January-- I had a lot of fun reading your blog this month <3

    1. thanks for reading this month! hope that you had a great january also! <3

  2. Happy blogaversary! Are you an extrovert or an introvert? My birthday's in February too :)


    1. thanks! ;) i'm definitely an introvert! ooh what day in february is your bday??

  3. A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC AND SCYTHE ARE BOTH ON MY TBR, AHHHHH. I can't wait to get my hands on them, but it might be a while. :/

    HAPPY BLOGAVERSARY!! Your blog has to be one of my favorites of late <3 here's to another awesome three months!

    INTJ is the best personality type, just saying. (Not like I'm biased or anything. Of course not.)

    Oh! I definitely need to listen to that soundtrack; I didn't know it she'd posted it! I've been listening to "Final Masquerade" by Linkin Park, "Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown on a Bad Bet" by Fall Out Boy, and "Headhunt" by Okamoto's.

    I'm actually really happy with my reading month; out of seven books read, only one was a disappointment! (And then only a little.) My very favorites, though, would have to be The Martian by Andy Weir, Durarara Vol. 3 by Ryohgo Narita, and Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis by Anne Rice.

    Happy February!

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. THEY ARE BOTH SO AMAZING AHH. <3 thanks for reading this month! i'm glad that you've enjoyed!

      i'm an INTJ so i definitely agree with you on that one!

      abbie's soundtrack is AMAZING. you should definitely go and listen! that's great that only one book was disappointing! i kinda want to read The Martian but there are so many books on my tbr at the moment!

  4. Looks like January was an awesome month for you!! GOOD JOB ON STARTING YOUR NOVEL. Haha, I have the same word count goal as you, and I'm halfway through, so I'm kind of at the stage where I'm like WHAT AM I DOING EVEN. But we got this!

    DUDE 3 YEARS OF BLOGGING?? That is literally so awesome! I think my four year blogoversary is coming up in March? I don't even know, honestly. xD So stoked for you!!

    autumn's readings + writings

    1. it was a really great month! thanks! (this is going to take me forever but i'm sure it'll be worth it!)

      oh sorry for the misunderstanding! it's actually my 3 MONTH blogaversary! i'm still VERY new at this :) but FOUR YEARS? congrats on that!

  5. MADELINE BUG ME UNTIL I READ SCYTHE PLEASE. It look so amazing ajskldkj. Also . . . ooh I love MBTI! They're so accurate it's slightly scary though. XD What are you? *waves hand in air* ENFJ right here. :))

    1. sarahhh *pokes* READ SCYTHE.

      mbti is so interesting! i'm an INTJ. it's scary accurate ;)

  6. AH YES I READ SCYTHE TOO! IT WAS AMAZING AND THE ENDING THOUGH 0.0 I read The Crown's Game last year and while it wasn't the best of 2016, it did stand out!

    I'll be reading Passenger in a week ?!? And I've also ordered Wink Poppy Midnight.

    And I just started first drafting my new novel a few days ago, so around the end of January! It's around 2k words (wow, a long way to go for me) but that's so cool we started writing our books the same month!

    Please teach me how you got your whole family to take the MBTI test! I would love to try it out with mine <3

    1. congrats on starting your novel!! samee for me. i have a long way to go.

      well..we started talking about it in the car, and my sister and i already knew our types, but we all just sat down that night, and i made my mom and dad take it. it was pretty entertaining!

  7. Looks like you had a fantastic month and got so much reading done. Scythe and A Darker Shade of magic are both books I'm determined to read this year - I've heard only good things - but really happy to see you enjoyed them too.

    And yay for plotting out your book. I find I write so much faster when I actually have an outline to go from - I'm about 30,000 words into my own wip but this month has been really slow going. Huge procrastination on my part! Hope you manage to keep yourself motivated!

    1. it was a pretty amazing reading month! i really hope that you get to read both of those books soon!

      outlining has always been a thing i NEED to do because i have a tendency to include unnecessary information. hopefully, february will be a better writing month!


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