morning musings #2 // the busiest week ever

Saturday, January 28, 2017
hey guys. *very tiredly* it's been quite a week.

i can't believe that january is nearly over! it's crazy. it's been such a long but also short month!

the header in the above picture represents my want to go to the beach, despite the fact that we just went back to school. 

i realized it's been a while since my last morning musings post, and this seemed like a great week to do it! reading was actually not my greatest priority this week, and i'm kinda out of ideas at the moment.*

here we go.  here's a little about the past few weeks.

*that's kind of a lie. i have ideas but i don't feel like using them right now.

although it was busy, this week was actually pretty good! here are some of the highlights of my week.

  • i broke my PR for the mile this week during a track meet!! i FINALLY ran a sub six minute mile, and i AM SO EXCITED. my new PR is officially 5:55.28! i really want to get my time down to 5:45 in the outdoor track season this year, and then down to 5:30 at some point in the next year.
  • i finished Heartless by Marissa Meyer last weekend! i know that some people haven't loved it all that much, but i thought that it was really fun! i kinda loved Jest, and i also really enjoyed learning about the Queen of Hearts' past! would totally recommend.
  • blueberry muffins for breakfast this week! yep. i'm one of those people who is made happy by the simplest things. my sweet sister made blueberry muffins this week which are absolutely delicious, and really made my week great!
  • mellow mushroom for dinner last night. i'm seeing a food theme. running does make you hungry though. again, the simple things make me the happiest.
  • officially less than a month until my bday! i'm hoping to get some books. 

unfortunately, this week was also had its lows.

  • indoor track is over. this isn't necessarily that bad of a thing since outdoor track starts in a couple weeks, but it still makes me sad. it was a really good season!
  • math. need i say more? IT'S JUST SO FRUSTRATING SOMETIMES. is anyone else learning about circumcenters/incenters/centroids/etc in geometry? just no.
  • essays. apparently, all the teachers got together and decided to give us all the papers at one time. woot.
let me just say that school in general has been hard in the past week.
  • i just wanna read all the time :( but apparently there's this thing called responsibility?
  • literally no time to write this week. i'll try to work it into this weekend, but i'm unsure whether it's gonna happen or not...

this week was just kind of stressful in general, not to mention this was the first week of the semester that we actually went five days in a row.
there were track meets, homework, annoying classes. all components of a very busy and full week.

  • this kinda isn't a goal but i'm learning to pole-vault next week! i'm really excited to learn! i'm a former gymnast, and i'm hoping that i will take to it easily-ish.
  • finish all those darn papers. and also do well on them.
  • do the math correctly. gosh darn it. i will figure the math out.
  • do some core work now that indoor track is over. i have a good amount of time now to get some core workouts in now (which is very important to pole-vaulting)!

hard work is pertinent to improvement, but getting better also involves a certain amount of hard work plus the want to improve.

i don't know if this makes sense or not, and it's probably even obvious but yeah. hard work is great and all, but you really have to want it to be better at something. and you can't just put in the hard work once; it's a constant cycle: work hard, recover, repeat. this must be combined with the will to improve (at least for me) because without a clear cause, i burn out easily. 

i can definitely apply this to track. for me, my goal was running a sub six minute mile, and it took me all season to get there. i was close several times, but i finally got it! it was a season-long effort for me to achieve this goal, complete with teammate/sibling rivalries and workouts that ended with me lying on the floor. BUT I DID IT. and now on to my next ultimate goal (very big dreaming here!): a 5:30 mile!

how have the past couple weeks been for you? what's been your main focus? any lessons learned? let me know in the comments!

xoxo, madeline


  1. Yes to all the food. No to all the math. I feel you on wanting to head to the beach already! Ughhh. Pole vaulting sounds sooo cool. The past couple weeks I was slightly injured and took a lil break from workouts to focus on school; I can't think of any great important lessons I've learned, though. Ha.


    1. math is so frustrating. i'm sorry that you were injured :(( i feel ya though about taking a break to focus on school


    (aka math.)

    1. UPDATE: i finally figured out the math!

      (oops i spoke the terrible word)

      what math course are you taking right now?

    3. i'm taking geometry and up until this point it hasn't been that bad!

    4. Me too, actually! Same here. But then . . . *gazes anxiously towards the future* Pre-calc . . . and then CALCULUS . . . I'm gonna dieeee. XD

  3. CONGRATS ON YOUR MILE THAT'S SO EXCITING! I feel this haha-- my week has been a mess of business as well. and yeah math bleh I just started math again since I didn't have it last semester and I'm just like why is this even a thing? I don't know it's kind of cool because it's like the language of the universe (and I'm super nerdy so I find that cool) but then it's also like soooo boring ((unless it's in science. in which case, yes all the math)). So yeah anyways haha sounds like a busy week but there were some nice parts in there. I had fun reading about it :)

    1. ahh thanks! :) i feel ya, math can be so cool sometimes, but then i just end up bored a lot too!

      thanks for reading! <3

  4. DUDE, I TOTALLY GET YOU. My past couple weeks have been the absolute WORST in terms of busyness, and I still have so much to do! Neverending college research, a huge research paper on government ethics, catching up with my 2017 reading challenge.....but at least Academic Decathlon is over with (for now). It's super fun, but super stressful!

    I've not had much time to read or write either, which makes me sad :( Hopefully, February will be a better reading and writing month for both of us!

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. i just don't even know how all the work seems to come at the same time!? this past couple weeks has been the worst for me in this whole year! at least we're all going through it at the same time!

      i really hope that february is a better reading and writing month for you!


    I started skating month ago, and what inspired (and inspires) me are other figure skaters, who are so good. They definitely didn't land that overnight, but it's still so inspiring to watch them. AND I AM DEFINITELY A BEGINNER WOOW YES, but it's still something I'm continuing to aspire towards. Figure skating is so beautiful and I really think it would be an amazing thing to master.

    ANYWAYS *cough* BLUEBERRY MUFFINS <3 *heart eyes* those honestly sound like the bomb. Any muffin is pretty amazing. AND YES UGH THAT THING CALLED RESPONSIBILITY IT'S QUITE DIFFICULT

    autumn's readings + writings

    1. figure skating sounds so awesome! IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL. hope that you continue to improve!

      blueberry muffins are MY ACTUAL FAVORITE. and yes, responsibility can be a tricky little fella sometimes!


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