my top 10 favorite things about being a bookworm!

Saturday, February 11, 2017
hey peeps. it's been quite a busy week but now it's the weekend AYYY.

ever since i was little, i've been a bookworm. there's no question about it. for goodness sakes, i used to read in the bathroom at night when i was really young because that was the only room that had the light on during the nighttime, and i was scared that i would get in trouble by turning my own light on at SUCH A LATE TIME as 8:30 pm.

so yeah. over the years, i've collected quite a few things that i love about being a bookworm, and i'm going to share some of those things with you now!

01. gorgeous covers
i've mentioned this a thousand times before but beautiful covers are MY ACTUAL FAVORITE in the world?!! i obsess over beautiful covers and you most likely know this if you've ever read my reviews.

somehow, gorgeous artwork makes a book so much more fun to read. i LOVE the covers to Six of Crows, the Darker Shades Series, and Wink Poppy Midnight, just to name a few.

02. getting new books in the mail.
coming home and discovering that my preorders just got here today (unexpectedly) is one of my favorite things. and seeing/flipping through them for the first time is even better! 

me, every single time my books arrive:
"look world. my baby just arrived."

03. finding other bookworms to flail with.
whether it be in the blogosphere or in real life (more rarely) with some of my very best friends, i love finding someone to flail about a favorite book with. it's really the best talking with someone who loves the same books you do.

04. making aesthetic boards for books.
this is really so much fun and somehow i didn't starting making boards for my favorite books until recently??! how, madeline, did you skip out on such a thing??

i really love finding a color scheme and an aesthetic for books, and it's just SO SATISFYING. i was considering doing a post on how i put together my boards, anyone interested? behold, my pride and joy:

05. an afternoon of reading with nothing else to do.
this doesn't really happen all that much anymore for me, but when it does, it makes me so happy. there's nothing better than curling up under a big fuzzy blanket with some tea and reading for hours on end.

annnddd finishing a book all in one sitting.

06. finding a new favorite.
it is so satisfying when you finish a book and boom. it's one of your new favorites. 

some of my newer favorites would have to be A Darker Shade of Magic, This Savage Song, and Scythe. recently, i feel like a lot of the books i've been reading have been SO GOOD <3.

07. recommending a painful book to a friend. 
*diabolical laugh* i'm sorry but not really to all of my friends. i've done this to you and probably hurt you real bad. it's just kind of gratifying to see someone go through the same thing you did while you read a book. pain.
 it's just so much fun. especially when you don't tell them it's going to destroy them.

08. finishing an amazing series.
and just sitting there like "wow. that just happened." this definitely happened to me at the end of the Harry Potter series as well as the Six of Crows duology. absolutely amazing <3
i'm hoping that A Conjuring of Light is just as amazing and also has this effect on me!

09. small bookstores.
ya know Barnes and Noble/Books a Million are okay, but do you know where it's REALLY AT? small bookstores that are not chains.  it's lit. hehe....

i just love the cozy feeling of small bookstores. every single summer, my family goes to the same small bookstores in Nantucket, and it's one of my favorite parts of the trip. it just makes me so happy.

10. discovering a book that no one is talking about.
finding an underrated book is so extremely satisfying. idk it's just like it's "my book" that i am now allowed to squeal about 24/7 and recommend to everyone in the world.

the only downside is that i usually have no one to fangirl with :(

and that's it! can you relate with any of these? is there anything that you would add to this list? share with me in the comments below! i would love to know!

xoxo, madeline


  1. I love this post and also love recommending heart-wrenching books to my friends ;).
    Ranyel x

  2. Great post! I have a weakness for beautiful book covers, I'm a little bit ashamed to say I rarely pick up a book if the cover isn't gorgeous...and I love finding new favourites too. I've had a really good reading year so far and I've already found some of my new favourites, it's been great!

    1. samee i usually don't actually buy a book unless the cover is beautiful! i've found so many new favorites this year already!

  3. Yesss to small bookstores. And the reading in the bathroom thing is so me lol. Those were simpler times.


    1. those really were simpler times lol.

  4. The only book I've gotten in the mail was a text book for school! A disappointment for sure but I do love a painfully said book that makes you cry

    1. i'm sorry :( no i understand! i love a good book that makes you cry!

  5. I relate to ALL of these!! I have never made an aesthetic board for a book, but I love looking at them!

    1. aw yes! looking at aesthetic boards is so satisfying!

  6. Agh, just discovered your blog and I LOVE IT!!! <3 And YES, I agree with everything you said in this list. Awesome post, Madeline!

    1. aw thanks for checking it out! glad to see that you like it!

  7. Oh I love this post so much, and pretty much agree with everything. Nothing like the feeling of getting new books in the mail, I just want to show them off to everyone and hug them for hours hahaha. We bookworms do pretty weird things ahah :)

    1. getting books in the mail is the very best thing of ever! yep we bookworms are pretty weird!

  8. I LOVE It when I find a SUPER good book that isn't very popular. It's like finding a new phone. Once you buy it, you can never let it go. Also, I can TOTALLY relate to the Pre-order part that you talked about earlier. It sounds stupid but that's exactly how I feel everytime it comes early.. Good post! Have an AMAZING February!

    1. i totally agree! getting books early is the best! thanks for reading!!

  9. Ha ha - I never read in the bathroom (that genius - I wish I had thought of that) but I was a classic, torch under my pillow kind of girl. Loving this post! I especially agree with the last point, finding a book no one else seems to have heard of, I love having a wonderful book to share :)

    1. i think that i did that once or twice too! although reading in the bathroom was always my go-to! i agree, sharing a fantastic book is the best feeling!

  10. YES TO BEING A BOOKWORM <3 I've never really thought about my favorite things on being one, but this post has made me feel absolutely great about spending hours reading -- and not guilty for neglecting other stuff haha.

    I completely resonate with numbers 8 and 10! But I'd love to add is the fact that reading lets us expand our vocabulary?! I should do a blog post on that soon :P I just feel like ever since I started committing to reading more books every year, my vocabulary in writing, and even speaking to other people, has definitely expanded!

    - Andrea at A Surge of Thunder


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