february wrap-up! // short but sweet

Tuesday, February 28, 2017
i know i say this every single month but here goes again: february passed so quickly. 

 it was such a good month though! mostly because february is when my birthday happens and also we get a four day weekend in the middle. it's been a really great and busy month, and here's what happened!

i would say that this month was pretty good in terms of reading! not quite as good as january in terms of volume and quality, but still a very productive month!

Magnus Chase: The Sword of Summer - it was really good (like all of rick riordan's books) but it felt long // ★★★★☆
Half Bad yesss this was so good. my type of book right here. // ★★★★☆
Half Wild - to be honest, i was disappointed with this, after how good Half Bad was. probably won't be finishing up this series // ★★★☆☆
A Gathering of Shadows - yes yes yes. so good. it was really character driven (instead of plot driven), but still managed to be one of my favorites of all time? // ★★★★★
The Diabolic - it was a good story and well written, but i just don't really enjoy dystopias as much as i used to. // ★★★★☆
Air Awakens - no. just no. poorly written and very cliche, tbh. // ★★☆☆☆
Heir of Fire - umm this book made me love the throne of glass series so much more?! SO GOOD. // ★★★★★
The Assassin's Blade - well that tore my heart out and stomped it into a million pieces. but a very amazing collection of novellas! // ★★★★★
Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda - quite possibly the cutest piece of fluffiness i have ever encountered. // ★★★★☆
The Darkest Minds - i liked the premise, but the characters didn't do it for me and the story dragged. i don't think i'll be finishing this series. // ★★★☆☆

25 / 60 books done for my 2017 book challenge so far!

plus...i am reading A Conjuring of Light by V.E. Schwab right now, and it is already so good. i am prepared to cry my eyes out when this series ends.

unfortunately, i was not on the top of my game with the whole posting two times a week thing. i'll try harder in march, but no promises. i NEED to review more books next month.

favorite posts of the month! 

cait's post about the two books she wrote in 10 days. girl, you are superhuman and YOUR BOOKS SOUND AWESOME.

anisha's review of caraval. this is exactly how i feel about it! plus, those cupcakes look delicious!

abbie's post about how to write when the inspiration isn't there. this is exactly how i've been feeling lately and this post helped me get back on track.

puput's post about her auto-buy authors. literally, same for almost all of them.

hannah's post in which she talks about a neil shusterman book signing! that reminds me...i need to read the unwind trilogy...

i also started following noor's blog this month and have loved reading that also! her art journal is absolutely beautiful.

- outdoor track has begun. very exciting. also, we did 44 freaking 200 meter repeats for my coach's birthday and i think i died in the process.

- i saw phantom of the opera this month. and loved it.

- my birthday was on the 25th! i am officially 15 years old.

- i received my very first physical arc in the mail yesterday! so that was super exciting!! it was Blood Rose Rebellion by the way.

- i'm taking a practice version of the PSAT today. boo. no thank you.

- important announcement! A Darker Shade of Magic is going to be a movie (!!!) and i am simultaneously ridiculously excited and very scared?! this could be awesome, but it could also go very wrong...i'm still pumped for it though.

about the whole writing thing...it was pretty much nonexistent except for a couple thousand words at the beginning of the month. i've just been buried under schoolwork recently...i really need to just pick up that draft and start writing it when i have free time. 

so this is new...but i thought i'd add it this month! so the books i want to read include (but are not limited to):

A Conjuring of Light - i've already started, and like i said earlier, i am going to be so sad when it ends :(

A Game of Thrones - sounds like something i would enjoy...

City of Glass - i'm so out of touch with this series!

Queen of Shadows - if i ever get it off hold from the library, gosh darn it.

Rebel of the Sands - i keep procrastinating this book so bad and stopping it to read some thing else. *cough* A Conjuring of Light *cough*

All Quiet on the Western Front - required reading for school, but i've already started it, and it's good so far.

Blood Rose Rebellion - as i said earlier, first arc! hopefully, i'll be able to read this before it comes out on the 28th.'

King's Cage - so far, i've heard good things about this book.

how has your february been? did you read any good books this month? any exciting things happen in your life? chat with me in the comments!!

xoxo, madeline


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed heir of fire, I'm onto that book next but I heard people say it was worse that the other books but now that you've enjoyed it, it makes me feel a little less nervous to read it! I'm reading simon vs right now and I'm loving it so far, it's just so cute! Great wrap up!

    1. i know! simon vs is just the cutest thing! thanks!

  2. Ah, this was a super fun post to read! (P.S. Happy birthday!) And agh, I need to read the Unwind dystology too! Scythe was suuuuuuuper good. Omg Cait and her two-books-in-eight-days--HOW??? And giiiiirl, I haven't told you this, but I love love your blog! Everything is so cutesy! XD And I've found out that my library has ADSOM and I'm squealing with happiness. But I might want to buy it because it looks so good and #coverlove???

    (BTW February passed soooo quickly, didn't it?)

    1. thanks!! :) ahh ADSOM is my favorite so read it pronto! (and the cover is absolutely beautiful)



  3. I'm always thrown off by February having 28 days... Not ready for it to be over. Happy belated birthday! Sounds like a pretty awesome month. 25 books so far??? Ah girly that's more than I read in a year. Good luck on that PSAT those are a bummer to do but worth it in the end

    1. same. thanks! that's what i keep telling myself about the psat!

  4. I love your wrap ups. I'm reading King's Cage right now ((in my super nonexistent free time so it's slow going at best)) but ahh I love this series haha :) Wonderful post as always!

    1. thank you!! :)) samee it's taking me forever to finish books right now because of my lack of free time. hope it's good!

  5. Whoa February seemed really productive for you? I read like five books which were all pretty decent (and died at Windwitch). Have fun reading Queen of Shadows! It's my second favorite in the ToG series. AND I ALSO PROCRASTINATED WHEN IT CAME TO REBEL OF THE SANDS. I have never read it since.

    And same on the writing note! So far this year has been kind of slow in terms of writing. I'm hoping I can first draft this summer though :)

    Belated happy birthday to you by the way! <3

    - Andrea at A Surge of Thunder

    1. it was pretty productive despite the fact that i didn't really blog that much! ooh i'm so excited for QoS and i'm glad you liked it! i'm also hoping that i can get some major headway done with first drafting this summer!

      thanks for the bday wishes!


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