why i love goodreads (and things i might improve)

Saturday, February 25, 2017

guess what?? it's finally my birthday! 
i'm fifteen today. woohoo! technically, now i can drive once i get my permit which kinda scares me to be honest...

so i was thinking about this earlier this week, and goodreads has really changed the way that interact with my books. until a couple months ago, i definitely didn't use goodreads and didn't really think much of it, but now i use it all the time, daily even.

i can confidently say that since i've started using goodreads, my book intake has dramatically increased. here's six reasons why i love using goodreads and some things i would improve.

01. all the reviews are in one place
i used amazon to look at reviews before this, and i have to admit, i like using goodreads a lot more. typically i like looking at spoiler-free reviews before reading a book, just to make sure it's really worth reading, and goodreads really makes this easier. there's so many reviews, but i usually just end up looking at my friends' reviews. i love having the whole bookworm community at my fingertips though.

while reviewing on my blog is one of my favorite things to do, i also love writing reviews on goodreads because they're all in one place, and i'm contributing to a community.

02. i can sync it with kindle
i just recently figured out that i can connect the kindle app on my phone with my goodreads account, and let me tell you. i. love. this. feature. it makes it so easy to give status updates when i need to FREAK THE HECK out  about page 236 of the book i'm reading. it also makes it really easy to rate books when i've finished them.

i also really like the app? i mean, it's easier to type reviews on my computer, but i like using it on the go when i can't wait to type a review out later because i have so many feelings.

03. the reading challenge
confession time: i'm super competitive. mostly with myself but with other people too. i really think that my goodreads challenge has kept me on track with my reading this year so far by challenging me to be competitive with myself. i would probably credit this challenge with doubling my reading intake this year.

my goal this year is 60 books, but i think that i'll end up raising it...

plus, it's so satisfying to see all of the books i've read this year in one place. (24, so far i think?) I LOVE ANALYZING MY READING STATISTICS. the challenge is perfect for this.

04. the community
one of my very favorite parts is that i can see what my friends are saying about books as they are reading about them. it's so fun to see what they think of the books you love!

page/status updates are possibly my favorite thing ever. cait at paper fury's updates are possibly the funniest things ever, and i find myself totally agreeing with them when i read a book after she does.

05. i can use it with rereads!
i'm pretty sure that this is a new-ish feature, and i've yet to use it, but i'm grateful for it all the same! i am someone who rereads very frequently because i find that i am in the mood for a certain book, and this feature helps me do this! 

thank you goodreads for having this. i have a feeling that it's going to be helpful in the near future.

06. it helps (at least a little) with wrangling my TBR.
now, there's absolutely no way to fully control my TBR, but this at least helps a little. i love having a list of my highest priority books to read. when i (rarely) don't know what to read, i can just consult my to-read list, and voila. there's the list of books i would love to read.

now, there's also some things that i would like to change about goodreads, and here they are.


01. maybe a weekly email about new releases?
i know, i know. lots of blogs do weekly release posts, but i would love for goodreads to send me a weekly email about new releases in my favorite genres. is that too much to ask??

i need this feature so bad. there are MOST DEFINITELY NOT only five types of books. i, at the very least, need half stars to express my feelings about a book.

sometimes, there are books that i love but they aren't 5 stars or 4 stars either? WHAT DO I DO THEN, huh?? what about the books that are right in the middle at 2.5 stars?! half-stars are a necessity!

03. a draft-review feature, perhaps?
sometimes, i don't have nearly enough time to write a full review of a book but i want to at some point. this has happened to me several times, and it's quite a dilemma. what do i do? this feature would definitely be helpful to have.

that's about it for the things i would improve (or what i could think of right now). i think goodreads is pretty good right now, but it would be great if it had these features.

if you want to check out my goodreads account, here it is↠ https://www.goodreads.com/achicbookworm

do you use goodreads? what do you like/dislike about it? anything you would improve?

xoxo, madeline


  1. I am completely with you on half stars! I get so frustrated that I can only rate books 1-5...I love Goodreads as well though, I don't know how else I'd manage my tbr if I didn't have it!

    1. i agree! goodreads is the best thing when it comes to my tbr!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! *throws confetti* *gives you cake* I turn fifteen on the third, and isn't it so weird that we can technically drive soon. I'M SO SCARED. xD I don't use Goodreads, but my mom has an account that I sometimes hop on to write a quick review.


    1. thanks! IT'S SO WEIRD...I'M ALSO SO SCARED.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GIRL! *confetti and cake* I don't have a Goodreads, but it's really helpful when I want to find out what a book is about. And let's be honest, when I want allll the spoilers. XD

    1. thanks! *eats so much cake* that's really one of my main uses for it when i want to know spoilers

  4. I just got Goodreads this month and I love it! (Even though, bc of it, I kinda put 40 books on hold at the library right before a week when I *knew* I had a ton of homework...) Half-stars would be really great. Happy birthday!


    1. samee girl. i put about 20 books on hold after i got goodreads! thanks!

  5. Happy birthday, love! <3

    YESSS GOODREADS. It's made me read a LOT more too! I'll definitely add you :)

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. thanks!! i'll be sure to add you back!

  6. Ahhh I'm grinning so much right now. XD THANK YOU! THAT JUST MADE MY DAY! I love goodreads sooo much and am obviously way too addicted to doing status updates as I read.😂 It actually helps me remember all my thoughts when I get to the review though?!? So that's good. And OMG I LOVE THE RE-READ FEATURE, IT CHANGES LIVES. I really wish they'd do the half stars/draft-saves though. I lost a really big complicated review once due to my internet glitching. *growls* I could've had a draft saved! I COULD HAVE. PLS GOODREADS, THINK ABOUT OUR NEEDS HERE.😂

    Also happy birthday!!

    1. status updates are just so fun to read and to write! i'm so sorry about that review! :( PLEASSEEE goodreads add a draft review feature. PLEASE.


  7. Nice post! I love GoodReads too! I totally agree about getting half stars and also I think the app needs a little update as it looks slightly outdated. I love the reading challenge, it encourages me to read and try and get it completed by the end of the year.

    1. thanks! i also agree that the app needs a little bit of an update. same about the reading challenge!

  8. Happy *late* birthday, Madeline dear! :D And omg I need a Goodreads account SO. BAD. Along with a Pinterest account. And perhaps Scrivener. Plus a few books. You know what, some money would be nice too. And even though I'm not a Goodreads user, YES. HALF STARS. DRAFT FEATURES. I am an indecisive little mango and I can't decide whether it's a 2.5 or a 2 or a 3, or if it's a 4.5 or a 5. WAIT. WHAT IF IT'S A 4.75??? *dies*

    1. you definitely should get both a goodreads and pinterest account! LITERALLY SAME about half ratings!! i'm so specific about how much i enjoyed a book!


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