a love letter to the amazingness that is victoria schwab's books

Saturday, April 22, 2017

dear victoria schwab,

i still can't believe that i didn't pick up one of your books until the end of last year. that book that started it all was This Savage Song (a book that i definitely need to reread before the release of Our Dark Duet). it was one of the best written books that i had read in a long, long time. i'm pretty sure that i read it in one sitting!

and then i read A Darker Shade of Magic, a book that was even more well written than TSS (if that's even possible?!). i fell hopelessly in love with kell (with his adorable frowning) and lila and the fantastic world that you had created so carefully. although it did not have much plot, A Gathering of Shadows still stole my heart. A Conjuring of Light wrapped the series up with utter perfection. PERFECTION. ahh my feelings! have not! recovered! since!

finally, i read Vicious, which made me love anti-heroes even more than i already did. (*cough* Six of Crows *cough*)  i found one of my favorite quotes of all time, if not my favorite:

"Plenty of humans were monstrous, and plenty of monsters knew how to play at being human."   - Victor Vale

what i love even more is that you used the quote to introduce This Savage Song.

your complex characters are what i love most about your works. from kell to victor to august (and all the others), they are all so utterly real. they are all so snarky and a bit tragic (but not too self-pitying), which i find makes for the best characters.

your books were and still are a bright spot in the stress of everyday life. they are worlds that i can escape to for just a little while at least. i can confidently say that, right now, you are my favorite author of all time. it's such a big statement that it almost scares me to say so. picking a favorite author is a hard thing for me!

i can't wait to read Our Dark Duet when it comes out later this spring, and i'll probably end up buying The Archived somewhere along the way. don't even get me started on Vengeful!! 

a final brief list of things i love about your books:

  • kell's coat
  • dol (thank goodness he lived. i always end up far too attached to dogs, even more so than characters)
  • ilsa and her magicalness
  • white london&the dane twins
  • the writing style of ADSOM
  • anti-heroes
  • mitch (and his cinnamon roll-ness)
  • the fact that a collector's edition of ADSOM is coming out (!!!)

and that's just scratching the surface. i could talk all day about how much i love your books :) thank you so much for writing.

xoxo, madeline

(hey guys! a little bit of a weird post today. i just wasn't feeling a discussion or book review post. i finally finished Vicious about a week ago, and i needed to vent really hard about it. i thought that Vicious was excellent and it solidified the fact that V.E. Schwab is probably my favorite author. thanks for reading! hope that you're all having a good april xx)


  1. I NEED TO READ VICIOUS!!! And I also need to finish the Shades of Magic trilogy. XD I read ADSOM last month, and while it was slow for me, it was soooo awesome! Love the charries. <3 This Savage Song has a really weird premise to me, buuuuut soooo many people seem to like it, so we'll see. XD And AGH! The Archived and The Unbound were the first of her books I read -- definitely read them! They are AMAZING. VE Schwab is so awesome! Can't wait to read more of her books. :)

    May @ Forever and Everly

    1. YESSS PLEASE READ VICIOUS (and This Savage Song). glad to hear that you enjoyed The Archived! i can't wait to read it!!

  2. This is such a lovely post! I started with This Savage Song too. I read A Darker Shade of Magic not long ago and they're both so unique. I really liked them both, her writing is so different but so great. Your post has me dying to read some more.

    1. thank you so much :)) i totally agree with you!


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