changing my blog's name // introducing a paper reverie!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017
i've been thinking about this for a long while now.

since a couple months ago, in fact. this blog was meant to be something totally different when i started it (fashion and books and whatnot). after i actually started posting, books totally took over my blog. i didn't feel that my name fit my blog very well anymore, but i didn't want to change it. #lazy. i rushed into starting a blog without putting very much thought into my name, and well, that's what i get for being impulsive. the one time i'm impulsive !! (i'm an intj just so you know. i'm not usually this impulsive)

so yeah. the name i picked the first time for my blog never felt right, ya know? i wanted to change my name before my blog grows any more. it took me forever to come up with a perfect name, but....

the new name of my blog is going to be a paper reverie. i am the most horrible person of ever at naming things, but i'm so happy with this blog name. eeeppp !!

i've always loved the word "reverie." i think it's a beautiful word (we all know my blog is about the aesthetic), and it perfectly describes the reason why i love reading. escaping reality for just a moment and losing myself in a daydream. the "paper" part of the name is pretty obvious i guess. (books = paper, yes??)

let me tell you, it has been a stressful ride to get here to a new name. do yourselves a favor and don't do what i did lol. pick your perfect name the first time (even if it takes you awhile to come up with a name)!! i'm still in a fine tuning stage of changing everything to my new name and trying to get bloglovin to merge my old name with my new name... #strugglebus

i'm sorry to be annoying, but to those of you who swapped buttons on my button swap page (<-- click there), could you pretty please replace the old one with my new button (if it's not too much trouble?) prettyyy pleaseee?

love you guys. thanks for making the months at a chic bookworm great, but it's time for a new era of a paper reverie. i'm so excited for what's to come!! for right now, my email is still at achicbookworm[at]gmail[dot]com (again #lazy).

xoxo, madeline


  1. I LOVE IT! Although I literally had so much trouble finding this XD I was following through my WordPress reader, so that wasn't helpful . . . Basically, it took forever. BUT. I'm hereeee (at long last, lol), and I love the name!

    (also I feel you on blog name struggles . . . I think I've moved around, like, 6 times? XD)

    1. thanks!! sorry to confuse you lol. (i think that i'm finally getting to the end of the name-changing-struggles!)

  2. HOLY COW SO I THOUGHT YOUR BLOG WAS GONE FOREVER (because I was following you through my WordPress Reader and Blogger but nothing showed up) AND I WAS SOOOOOO SAAAAD BUT YAAAAAS IT'S STILL HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERE

    (I *screamed* when I found this. XD)

    1. Oh and I totally forgot to say this, but I love your new name! I'm trying to think of a new blog name myself because I don't really like mine, buuuuuut I'm bad at names. Looking forward to all your posts at A Paper Reverie! (agh that just rolled off my tongue it's so smoooooth XD)

      May @ Forever and Everly

    2. thank you so much!! <3 haha sorry to confuse you!

  3. I kinda panicked at first cuz I was like... WAIT. I had just found your blog, and now it was being taken away?!?! >.< But anyways. I love the new name! It's beautiful.


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