my top 10 bookish pet peeves

Saturday, April 8, 2017
hey peeps! april already seems like it's moving so fast. 
i feel like all of us bookworms have our certain pet peeves involving reading-- it's just natural. today i'll be sharing mine. i'm a particularly nit-picky/pet-peevey (don't argue. yeah it's most definitely a word), so here are my top 10 bookish pet peeves.

how i feel when any of these things happen:

total facepalm

01. movie covers on books
i have so much of a problem with this. this one (i think) is probably on my bookworms' hit list of pet peeves, but it just annoYS ME SO MUCH. it feels like the book is betraying you and trying to sell you on a version much less well executed. especially when the book already had a beautifully designed cover.

02. stickers on books
NOOOOO. "stickers on books" are the some of the worst words you can say out loud to me. the worst is when you can't get them off with out ruining your dust jacket. *huffs*

wait-- the actual worst is stickers printed onto books. nope nope nope.

03. dog-earing pages
there was once a time (a long time ago) when i did dog-ear my pages-- until i realized how horrific it is. you can sometimes see your previously dog-eared pages from the outside. that ruins the aesthetic! even worse, the pages of a book can rip after being folded too much. we don't want that do we?

04. bedraggled dust jackets
so, fun story: there's this dirt stuff staining my copy of I'll Give You the Sun, and i have absolutely no clue where it's coming from. i don't even know where it's coming from?!
worse is when the edges of your dust jacket starts fraying or even tearing. *cringe* nonononoooo

05. ugly book covers
someone needs to say it, so i will. i buy books (as opposed to checking them out from the library) sometimes primarily because of how they look. the cover of a book is often the deciding factor whether i read a book or not. i know we all have personal preferences when it comes to book covers, but i'm sure there are some we all agree on...

06. vague endings
i ran into a bad case of a vague ending when i read With Malice by Eileen Cook a couple months ago. i am someone who needs a definitive ending, and a book that can't give that to me is likely not to be my friend.

07. unlikable characters
in the past few months, i've discovered that i will take a book with strong characters and a weak plot any day over one with bad character and a great plot. annoying characters can completely ruin a book for me even with great world building/plot/etc.

08. thin pages
this mostly pertains to books read for school because i love to annotate, but can apply to books in general. i hate it when i can't highlight or use a pen without it bleeding through. plus, thin pages tear so easily. #notcool

09. series that change branding partway through 
usually when this happens, i won't end up buying the series, just checking it out from the library. it just hurts my aesthetically-inclined heart to see books of a series that don't match.

10. people who try to talk to you while you're reading.
pretty self-explanatory. can you not see that i'm trying to concentrate on this book and not you?!

what are your bookish pet peeves? do you relate to any of these pet peeves? chat with me in the comments below?

xoxo, madeline


  1. ALL. OF. THESE. *nods* So glad somebody understands. :)


  2. Ha ha - I totally agree with all of these! Especially book covers that change midway through a series, and people who try to talk to you when your engrossed in a good story!

    1. yes! lol those people are the worst!

  3. Okay yes to ALL of these!! Especially the movie cover ones - ugh, and they're usually so ugly! And stickers are my BANE. And something I didn't notice before was the thin pages thing... that is SO true, like, how nice are those thick pages that make turning them so easy?? Love those! Great post!

    1. movie covers annoy me so much because it feels like the movie is being made more important than the book. #nonono
      that's exactly why i love thick pages!

  4. Ahhh movie covers on the covers of books yes that kills me so much agh. It's so annoying, since the book is the genius behind the movie. If anything the movie poster should be of the book cover. But I have to say, I do dog ear my pages and I am known to be a little harder on books, since I bring them everywhere (don't hate me). Oftentimes I take the dust-jacket off completely, and I love buying used, well-loved books. I don't know, books that look like they've been well read and enjoyed make me really happy. I even like finding other peoples markings in used books or library books! I love the look of a clean new book, and there are some copies I want to stay pristine, but for the most part I like to wear my books out haha. I love this post, so much fun to read :)

    1. i totally agree with you about movie book covers!! it's ok about the being hard on books thing. i also take my books everywhere (and they get a little beat up).
      i do understand the appeal of a well-loved book though! (my harry potter books are so beaten up lol)

  5. Dog-earing is the worst. In my English class we are reading a play at the moment and my teacher keeps saying 'fold down the corner so you know where you left off'. I always looks that her in horror, even though I hate the book I would never do such a thing.

  6. I'm guilty of doing the dog earing paged. Ah haha I am sorry it's a bad habit of mine!! Ha yes I totally understand the struggles with movie cover books or books with ugle covers and thin pages (my math textbook.) This post is all too relatable. <3 I appreciate the bluntness as well.

    1. it's ok! (i'm pretty sure we all do it at some time or another) ahh yes, textbooks! i always tear the pages on accident...


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