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Saturday, May 6, 2017

happy may, frens!

this week, i'll be sharing yet another edition of my ever growing tbr list. these are some of my favorite posts to write because it helps me prioritize what i want to read in the next couple of months. 

in other news, does anyone else feel like ALL THE BOOKS OF EVER came out this week?? i'm pretty sure that this week was just the patented Let's-Stress-Out-Madeline-By-Publishing-All-The-Books™. there are so many that i want to read and so little time! i'll still probably end up *accidentally* reading when i actually don't have time though (aka studying for exams...). 

here we goooo...

01. Strange the Dreamer

i wasn't originally planning to read this for awhile (because of the 2017-Fantasy-Hiatus™), but then people started saying amazing things about it, and now i don't have a choice, do i? i have to read it.

02. Always and Forever, Lara Jean

these books just make me so happy?! they're so fluffy and FOOD descriptions are life. plus, the diversity representation is done so well!

03. Flame in the Mist

i've already mentioned this book once in a post a few months back, but i'm just so excited !!! i've heard such great things so far, and i just hope that it ends up being good. 

04. Our Dark Duet

first of all, let's take a look at this beautiful cover in all its script lettering glory.
i totally need to reread This Savage Song to remind myself of the characters and plot and all, but it the mean time i'm just going to wait patiently until june 13th.

05. Tiny Pretty Things

who here has a thing for ballet dramas? *raises hand* i loovvvve ballet tv shows and movies for some strange reason, and i'm so excited to read this. i just finished all three seasons of Dance Academy and i need more ballet drama!!

06. The Archived

umm written by V.E. Schwab?? do i even need to say anything else? you're talking to the person that wrote a whole love note to V.E. Schwab's books.

07. The Hate U Give

this is yet another book that i've heard absolutely amazing things about, but i haven't managed to read yet. i know that it deals with the black lives matter movement, but besides that, i don't know. i've tried to avoid all spoilers (with great difficulty).

08. The Secret History

just from scanning the blurb of this one, it looks a little bit similar to Vicious (me love Vicious) and i'm a sucker for prep school stories. i just checked it out of the library so i should be getting to reading it soon!

are there any books that you've recently put on your tbr list? are there any new releases that you're dying to read? what books are you most excited for this spring/summer??

xoxo, madeline


  1. 4. 5. 7!!!!! I have seen Strange the Dreamer and The Hate U Give in the bookstore a lot. Maybe it's time I pick them up?

    Currently I have Passenger on my TBR. It's been sticking out of my list since I bought it last December and I still haven't read it!

    Enjoy your reading, Madeline! YOUR TASTE IN READING IS FABULOUS.

    - Andrea at A Surge of Thunder

    1. Oha and I forgot to mention but I did tag you for the Writer's Tag! -->

      - Andrea at A Surge of Thunder

    2. i haven't read either yet, but i think you should! (i've heard amazing things). Passenger wasn't my favorite, but i hope you enjoy it :)

      thanks for tagging me!!

  2. I really want to read Flame in the Mist as well! I'm in queue for it at the library, so I'll hopefully be getting it soon :) Strange the Dreamer and Tiny Pretty Things are on my maybe list, so I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

    On the new releases front, I'm SO excited for Eliza and Her Monsters by Francesca Zappia and The Love Interest by Cale Dietrich. And recently, I've added Note to Self by Connor Franta and Till We Meet Again by Judith Krantz.

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. ahh i'm so library hasn't gotten in Flame in the Mist yet! i'll let you know my thoughts on those two!

      i'll have to check those titles out!

  3. So many of these are on my own tbr pile - although still can't believe I haven't read this Savage song. Hopefully I will rectify that this month, just in time to pick up our dark duet :) Happy reading!

  4. I'm so looking forward to reading Strange the Dreamer! I also MUST read THUG. Like now. XD Books that I just got from the library are:

    -PS I Still Love You
    -The Serpent King
    -The Inexplicable Logic of My Life
    -When the Moon was Ours

    AGH I'M SO EXCITED TO READ ALL OF THESE GAAAAAH. And haha, I do ballet, but don't really read a lot of ballet drama. :P

    May @ Forever and Everly

    1. ahh my gosh all those titles sound so good! i really want to read When the Moon was Ours at some point!
      after you read Vicious, please do tell me your thoughts!! (i thought it was so good!)



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