spring wrap-up // it's summer!! a life update

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

hey guys. it's been a little while.

i decided to take a small break last week because 1) EXAMS UGHHHH and 2) i was out of the country and didn't have my laptop with me*. anyway, I AM NOW BACK and better than ever! summer started for me at the end of last week and i am so happy. i have so much more time now to work on the blog and post two or even three times a week!!

i didn't end up posting a wrap-up for the month of april because i just didn't have much to talk about in terms of my life, and overall, i was so tired of school/life in general. SO i decided to do a full spring wrap-up at the end of may because i knew that i'd have a bunch to talk about. so i'll just get into it. #i don't even remember how to do this

*oh the torture

The Raven Boys - i absolutely loved this. check out my full review here // ★★★★★
The Sun Is Also A Star - nope nope nope. this was so insta-lovey and it just did not click with me // ★★☆☆
Vicious - one of my favorites of all time. i loved the characters and ve schwab's expert use of antiheroes // ★★★★★
Romeo and Juliet - read for school. i liked decoding the beautiful writing but this TOTALLY! IS! NOT! the greatest love story of all time !! // ★★★☆☆
All the Bright Places - AHH this book killed me. *cue dying whale noises* i really enjoyed it though. // ★★★★☆
The Dream Thieves - even better than the first book. ronan is my actual favorite of ever. // ★★★★★
Blue Lily, Lily Blue - my least favorite of the series because i don't think it was entirely necessary, but i still loved it. i can't get enough of the raven boys. // ★★★★.5
Turn of the Screw - read for school. it was fun to try to figure out whether the governess was insane or not. i liked the writing. // ★★★★☆
Six of Crows - reread. AHH STILL SO AHMAZING.
The Raven King - ok can we talk about how completely and utterly amazing this was?? i really want to make a full discussion post, but i'm afraid to spoil it for people! // ★★★★★
Tiny Pretty Things - i have such a thing for ballet dramas, and this was no exception. it was entertaining and got me through exam week. // ★★★★☆
Goodbye Days - very raw and honest. it was such a rollercoaster to read. the humor was not exactly my thing though... a full review should be up on the blog in a couple days // ★★★★☆

OVERALL, a very good couple of months in terms of reading. especially because of The Raven Cycle. i do wish i could have read a few more books and gotten further into my tbr, but it was finals month and a general busy time so what are you gonna do about that...? that's what summer is for i guess!

to name the biggest thing that happened in the past couple months...i changed my blog name to A Paper Reverie near mid-april. i am so happy that i went ahead and did this. i feel like it fits my blog so much better!

i wish that i could have posted more in april and may, but then again, that's what i always say. here's what i posted: (click to read!)

my favorite posts of the months

(click to check them out!!)

andrea explains the downfalls of subvocalization. this was so interesting! (she also tagged me for the writer's tag this month. thanks andrea!!)

anisha explains why everyone should read A Flame in the Mist. this is such a highly anticipated book for me!

the outdoor track season ended in april. i've been running about everyday since august-- cross country, indoor track, and outdoor-- so it felt good to take a break for a couple weeks. a very bittersweet ending though...i'm going to a different school next year (i'll talk more about this at the end of the summer), and i've gotten so close to my team :( 

ughhh EXAMS. i was exempted from my french exam because i did really well on the National French Contest, so i only had four final exams overall, but STILL. exams are always a very stressful time of year. especially in math (so many practice problems!) and biology (so much memorization!). i just hope that i did well on them...

i won a writing contest. it was a joke of a writing contest that i was required to enter for school, but still-- not too shabby.

i went to Bermuda to see the America's Cup. we passed through the Bermuda Triangle with a great deal of turbulence and it was so scary. it was beautiful on the island though! i'll attach a few photos of the beach and whatnot:

my new sidebar pic!

i watched Moana for the first time. and i realized that smol baby Madeline WAS LITERALLY smol baby Moana. seriously, that's how i looked as a baby.

Image result for baby moana

i can't exactly remember anything else that happened so long ago in april, so i'll leave it on that note.

well actually, i don't have a whole playlist to show you, just a few songs. this month i really enjoyed listening to all of Billie Eilish's songs. i'm not planning to watch 13 Reasons Why, but Bored, the song she wrote for the show is a song i really love. Bellyache and Ocean Eyes are her other two songs that i love. 

i also really enjoyed listening to Idle Town by Conan Gray. it's such a beautiful and calm song. Conan in general is such a lovely person.

other than that, nothing else stands out. i did listen to Pure Heroine about 15 times, but then again, i always do that, every single month of the year.

i'm hoping to get a lot of reading done this month since i'm going to have a lot of time on my hands.

Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor
Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell
The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender by Leslye Walton
Flame in the Mist by Renee Ahdieh
The Secret History by Donna Tartt
The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas
Always and Forever, Lara Jean by Jenny Han
The Star-Touched Queen by Roshani Chokshi
Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas
The Archived by Victoria Schwab

and that's it! what have you been up to in the past couple months? is it summer for you yet? have you had to take any dreadful final exams? what's on your june tbr list?

xoxo, madeline



    Ahem, anyways, this was a pretty exciting post! OH, the torture of not having your laptop, *dies at the thought of it*. ACTUALLY, I've done it before but IT IS STILL PAINFUL!

    I haven't The Sun Is Also A Star yet, but I read Everything Everything this month and while there was a whiff of insta-love i didn't mind it. It wasn't worth all the hype, but it was a sweet read. I loved ATBP, it crushed my soul. I read Holding Up The Universe by Jennifer Niven but for some reason I didn't like it??? It was such a disappointment compared to Bright Places.

    EEK, I had exams as well! I hope you get wonderful results, because I know I won't be getting the best *weeps* Congrats on winning a writing contests even though it wasn't THAT big of a deal! AND Those photos are GORGEOUS <3
    Hey, I watched Moana for the first time this month too!You looked like baby Moana, that's so cool! Did you enjoy the movie?

    I'm going to read THUG, Strange The Dreamer, ADSOM, One Of Us Is Lying and some others this month so we are quite similar there! Flame In The Mist and Fangirl are on my general TBR though!

    1. ahh you are so sweet and thank you :)) actually, it was only torture at the beginning-- i really wanted to soak in the beautiful landscape while i could! i can always blog for the rest of the summer anyway!

      i loved ATBP but i haven't read Holding Up the Universe yet and i'm not sure if i will...maybe if i can't figure out anything else to read (if that ever happens lol)

      thanks for the good luck on exams...i really have no idea whether i did okay or not! i hope that you do well too! i really liked Moana a lot! i lovED the music and the animation of the movie :D

      i would love to know your thoughts on the books when you finish them! thanks for reading :)

  2. I'M IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RAVEN BOYS AND I LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH! I think this series is gonna be awesome, and Ronan is definately one of my favourites (like I could choose). I've never seen Moana? But everybody I know keeps singing this really cool song from it (I think the Rock sings it???) and I wanna see it so bad!

    Just spent ages flicking through your blog like a cyber-stalker, btw, and I'm 100 per cent giving it a follow! :)

    1. ME TOO <3 it really is a wonderful series and i hope that you enjoy it as much as i did! (ronan is also one of my very favorites) i really liked the music and animation in moana and i would definitely recommend it!

      ahh thank you for reading! :)

  3. I definitely agree with you on BLLB. I feel like it mostly just set up everything for TRK? I think you could view it as just a prologue - albeit a huge one - to TRK. Because it felt like a lot of the book was spent gearing up for something, but not a lot actually //happened//.

    Haha, yes, I definitely empathize with your feelings on R&J. I personally don't view it as a love story; I think that reading it in that light causes a person to ignore half its value. I think R&J is, at its core, not a love story, but a hate story. I think the main theme of the play is about the horrible things hatred does to us and how we should try loving instead of hating, for that will make us happier in the end. (Or dead, but y'know.) Shakespeare simply used the vehicle of a love story to communicate this theme because the contrast between love and hate is so great it was the easiest way for his audience to relate to and catch onto the theme.

    I NEED TO SEE MOANA SO BADLY, AHHH. I did watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail this month, though, and enjoyed it immensely. XD

    Yessss, Pure Heroine. Lorde is one of those people who could punch me in the face and I'd probably thank her. XD

    I totally agree with you on Goodbye Days - the writing was phenomenal, but I couldn't connect to the characters or the humor. (Well, except Nana Betsy. She was AMAZING.) Thanks to you, The Secret History has made its way onto my TBR! You'll probably read it before I do, though, so I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Flame in the Mist is another one of my upcoming reads; I just got it from the library! Besides those, my June TBR includes The Love Interest by Cale Dietrich, Eliza and Her Monsters by Francesca Zappia, and Return of the Emerald Skull by Paul Stewart (a new favorite author!).

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. i totally agree with you about R&J. i think the story also hints to Shakespeare's skepticism of love at first sight/insta-love which i definitely agree with. i also think that the play makes a really good point of refuting the argument that "we should fight and feud with each other just because it's always been this way." even if something has always been a certain way, that doesn't mean it's right.

      YESS NANA BETSY. i'm really excited to start reading The Secret History in the next several days. i'm going to take awhile on it and annotate it-- i'm actually really excited to mark it up! i also want to read Eliza and her Monsters at some point! it kinda reminded me of fangirl which i enjoyed!

  4. BABY MOANA IS THE ACTUAL CUTEST OMG. Six of Crows, Vicious, TRC -- all amazing books! Yay for winning a writing contest!!! And AAGAGGHHH BERMUDAAAAA THOSE PICS LOOK SO AMAZING AND YOU LOOK SO CUTE. <3 I NEED Always and Forever, and THUG, and I have Strange the Dreamer checked out from the library which makes me super happy!

    And I know I've said this before... But HONESLTY YOUR BLOG IS SO PRETTY AND AESTHETICALLY PLEASING AND GOOOOOOOOOOOSH design my blog for me please. XD (Just kidding! :P)

    may @ forever and everly

    1. she really is the cutest thing!! THANK YOU <3 i should be getting Strange the Dreamer within the next few days which i am SUPER EXCITED about.

      YOU ARE THE ACTUAL SWEETEST. ahh that just made my day :)

  5. AAAAH HAVE FUN THIS SUMMER!!!! <3 Your pictures are great. I don't really like the beach but your pictures made me want to go.

    I definitely want to read Strange the Dreamer and The Hate U Give. AND OMG I LOVE BILLIE EILISH!

    - andrea at a surge of thunder

    1. i hope that you have a great summer too!!

      AHH ME TOO! i love her voice and her lyrics and everything gaHH

  6. Your blog is the most aesthetic thing! 😍 Out of the hundred-something blogs I follow, yours is definitely one of my favorites! Great wrap up post! :))


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