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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Hey guys.

remember back in january when i was a small bean and i promised to post two times a week all year long? HAHAHAA. nope, that resolution is far gone, but you can probably expect a double post every once in a while. today is one of those days.

i was tagged by the lovely Andrea over at A Surge of Thunder for this Writer's Tag, and i'm super excited to do it! this is actually the first tag on my blog, so that's exciting i guess. 

What genres, styles, and topics do you write about?

mostly, I write fantasy stories. the novel I'm working on ~write now~ (i love puns) is an epic fantasy. however, recently during the ~very shocking~ 2017-Fantasy-Novel-Hiatus™, i have not felt like writing this novel. 
i think that another thing that has affected this is the fact that i have higher standards this spring for the novels that i'm reading than when i first started writing this novel. what i'm reading usually tends to affect what i'm writing, and reading higher quality books has made writing this novel much harder (read: i'm a super perfectionist). i'm always feeling that what i'm writing needs to be up to par with what i'm reading. i know that this is super irrational, but somehow i think like this anyway.

i might end up retiring it for a while and saving it for later when it can live up to its full potential.

i really want to try writing in the magical realism and paranormal genres because that's what i've been reading a lot of recently. i would also like to try writing a more melancholy contemporary story (writing fluffiness just isn't for me).

i mostly write shorter stories (like, really short.) because i love capturing just a snippet of the whole story and capturing the reader's curiosity. i do want to try to write a full-length novel because i feel like that could become my cup of tea. i don't like writing poetry, and i don't really love reading it either.

How long have you been writing?

let's see...i've probably been writing semi-seriously for about a couple years now. i remember entering my very first writing contest in seventh grade. the short story i entered was completely terrible and uber embarrassing*. i try not to talk about it. 

*as per the trend in books at the time, it was a dystopian, completely cliche/trope-heavy story. #cringe

Why do you write?

i write for the process. as i said earlier, i'm a very uptight perfectionist who is extremely end-product oriented, but writing seems to be the only thing where i actually love and enjoy the process. even writing essays for school, i love drafting, revising, and finally seeing the end product. i love taking my time and enjoying the research/aesthetic-ing/plotting process.

i find it funny that writing is the one thing where i actually enjoy the process.

When is the best time to write?

this may or may not be a surprise based on my personality, but i am a morning writer. it's just when i'm most productive. i love settling down with a cup of tea or coffee and banging out a couple thousand words when the world is still quiet and the craziness of the day has not yet set in.

recently, i have not been writing because i've just been so tired, but i hope to write in the morning a lot this summer.

What parts of writing do you love and hate?

i love love getting in the zone and not even feeling obligated to write-- just losing myself in the craft. i love making aesthetic boards for characters and the story in general. i love brainstorming stories right before i fall asleep, and i love getting the wording of a sentence just right.

i hate when i can't find the perfect word to represent a situation. i hate when i can't get the pacing right on a scene, and i really dislike the fact that i am so harsh on my first drafts. i really need to figure out how to simply write and not spend so much time trying to get it perfect the first time.

How do you overcome writer's block?

because i plot ahead very heavily, i don't get writer's block very often, but i do get plotter's block. to overcome this, i usually listen to some epic music or look for inspiration on Pinterest (and then get sucked into aesthetic-ing for three hours. typical.).

Are you working on something at the moment?

i'm working on that fantasy novel as i said earlier, but not really that much. i'm thinking about setting it aside for later. i'm brainstorming some other things such as a persephone/rapunzel retelling, magical realism, etc but i'll need to do some major work on those before they're even ready to be outlined.

What are your writing goals this year?

i would love to finish a full-length novel this summer, and possibly even edit it. in the best of all possible worlds, i would like to participate in Nano this fall, but because of my schedule, i don't think it'll be possible :(

i also really want to edit a fantasy short story called The Masking (see: poisoned kings, haughty nobles, gossamer dresses) i wrote last fall because it's completely gross right now-- i need to make it darker and raise the stakes. maybe i'll even write some more short stories from that fantasy universe...who knows?

I'd love to see this tag from:

any other one of you smol beans out there who would like to do it!

how are you guys' weeks going? anyone else suffering from the stress of looming exams? anyone super excited at the prospect of summer? (that means more writing time!) anyone else a morning writer?

xoxo, madeline


  1. omg one of the bloggers i idolize tagged me for something??? *fangirls* the squeals in the distance would belong to me.

    "writing for the process" isn't something i've heard of often! i totally get you on just losing yourself in writing though -- it's just an amazing feeling. i hope you can do nano this year, and i hope all works out with your novel!

    (ps I NEED TO WRITE MAGICAL REALISM AND CONTEMPORARIES -- i can't write fluffy either, no matter how hard i try -- AND STEAMPUNK AND JUST... *cries* so many more genres.)

    May @ Forever and Everly

    1. aww you're so sweet :)) thanks, i hope that i can do nano this year too!

  2. DO NOT UTTER THAT HORRIBLE WORD MADELINE. (exams. seriously. we do not speak of them.) And yas summer! I'm definitely going to try to write a lot -- for Camp NaNo and otherwise.

    I'm kind of a morning writer?? but I suck at getting up and being motivated. so I'm somewhere in the middle haha . . . I basically need someone to make me stop distracting myself and singing songs from musicals. and I need to plot more bc I never outline and my drafts go to pieces.

    this was super rambly BUT! I loved this post, and yeah same, I can't usually do fluffy lol. I seem to always draft mental-illness-involving-contemporaries because mental illness is usually either a) overlooked or b) romanticized. and both are gross. XD

    1. i totally get you. usually i'm a morning writer, but every so often i manage to get distracted (usually by pinterest) and end up writing in the afternoon/night

      thanks for reading!!

  3. I wish it were nearly summer for me! But alas, I live in the southern hemisphere so the thick of winter is coming, and warmth is a long way off...
    I love the sound of the Masking! I've always been a sucker for reading and writing fantasy, and have tried to write some magical realism, but it didn't turn out that great. XD
    It was lovely to read your answers! :D

    1. i'm sorry about that :( up until just recently, fantasy has always been my favorite also! i haven't yet written much magical realism, just brainstormed.

      thanks for reading :)

  4. oooh !! thank you for answering it :) your answers were great! i hope you do great stuff during your hiatus but come back with a ton of motivation!

    - andrea at a surge of thunder

    1. thanks for tagging me! :) i hope that i'll be back soon reading fantasy books too!


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