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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

if you didn't know, i'm a hardcore rereader.

that's the whole reason why i buy books in the first place rather than just borrowing them from the library: i spend money on books because i know/am pretty sure that i will read them more than once. of course, i do buy books i'm not sure i'll like occasionally, but i prefer to already know that i love them in the first place. sometimes, to make sure it's worth the money, i'll read a book at the library and then buy it.

but that's not what this post is about (that's a post for another day. i'll explain the why of my rereading at some point). today i'll be sharing the books i desperately want to reread either because a/ i love the book sO MUCH AND I NEED TO RELIVE IT or b/ the next book in this series is coming out soon and because i am a forgetful bean, I REMEMBER NOTHING ABOUT ANYTHING. (except all those random and pointless facts about ancient Rome #noreally #storyofmylife)

01. This Savage Song

*reuses photos vigorously*

the second half of this duology just came out a few days ago, and i desperately need to reread This Savage Song before diving into Our Dark Duet. This Savage Song was my first ever book I read by Victoria Schwab-- i read it in one sitting and was immediately hooked on her writing afterwards. 

02. Scythe

i can't remember when exactly i read this book (either end of last year or beginning of this year), but IT WAS AMAZING. so amazing that i actually bought the hardback cover so that i could reread it. i borrowed it from the library the first time but then decided that i needed my own copy.

03. I'll Give You the Sun

i started to reread I'll Give You the Sun a couple months ago but promptly abandoned it for a new release that was extremely anticipated for me (probably A Conjuring of Light to be honest). i love the lyrical prose of this book, and just everything about it is so wonderfully aesthetic. the overall beauty of I'll Give You the Sun is one of the reasons that i love it so much.

04. every single Percy Jackson book

sometimes you just need some good old Percy Jackson sass. i've been reading so much adult and young adult literature lately that i feel the need to return to one of my very favorite middle grade series of all time. plus, Percy Jackson is so easy and quick to read, which can be refreshing after tons of long/complicated novels.

05. Caraval

to be honest, i was not particularly impressed by Caraval when i read it a couple months ago and didn't understand the hype. i continue to hope that reading A Gathering of Shadows (AN AMAZING BOOK) before Caraval somehow influenced my opinion of it, and i'm trying to give it the benefit of the doubt before i read it again.

06. To All the Boys I've Loved Before

Forever and Always, Lara Jean (aka the third book in the series) just recently came out, and to be completely honest, i remember just about nothing from the first two books. because TATBILB (wow quite the acronym) is so fluffy and cute, it's really easy to get through and therefore a good book to read between stabby fantasies...

who am i kidding? i could read stabby fantasies all day *cackles*

07. The Night Circus

THIS. BOOK. IS SO GOOD. i recently also finally bought an actual copy of this (before, i just had an ebook), and i'm so excited to dive into it. from what i remember, The Night Circus is a very slow-paced novel (and of course very whimsical) which i love so much.

08. The Mysterious Benedict Society

at some point, i need to have a Mysterious Benedict Society marathon (is that the right word??) and read all five of these books including the prequel. i remember this series being one of my favorites when i was in about fourth grade, and i have such good memories of reading it.

do you enjoy rereading books? please don't let me be the only one! what specific books are your favorite to reread? do you have any books that you return to when you don't know what to read? are there any books high up on your tbr to reread at the moment?

xoxo, madeline



    First of all, I NEED Always and Forever, Lara Jean! I just NEEEED it. This Savage Song, I'll Give You the Sun, Caraval, and The Night Circus are all on my TBR. I've got This Savage Song checked out though, so hopefully I'll read it soon! SCYTHE WAS SO GREAT OMG! I started to reread The Mysterious Benedict Society but then I got some library books and forgot about it. XD That book/series is so amazing! And OMG. I NEEEEEED TO REREAD PJO! One of my blogging friends posted reviews of HoO and it just made me want to curl up with my childhood series again. <3 Awesome post! :)

    may @ forever and everly

  2. Lol, we're pretty much the complete opposite here - I almost never reread books. Sure, I'd enjoy it, but there are so many new books I could be trying. (I have reread The Fellowship of the Ring.....six times?.....though, which just shows how much I love it. It gets better every read.)

    I was pretty skeptical of the Caraval hype, which is why I enjoyed it so much, I think? I loved the prose, and Scarlett actually wasn't that bad <3 I hope the reread goes well for you!

    I LOVE The Mysterious Benedict Society, AHHH. And I just added The Night Circus to my TBR, so I hope I enjoy it as much as you did!

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

  3. OMG I AM HERE TO SCREAM ALONG WHEN IT COMES TO THE MYSTERIOUS BENEDICT SOCIETY! It was legit my bedtime story for a couple of years!

    TSS was also great. VE Schwab will always have my utmost respect with her amazing writing! I also did like Caraval and Scythe. (I am awaiting Thunderhead with so, so much nerves and excitement!)

    I don't reread books per se, I just skim chapters and intensely read chapters and scenes I love.

    Cool post, Madeline!

    - andrea at a surge of thunder

  4. I love rereading books I love, but rarely do so since there are so many other books that I own that I need to read. I would love to reread TATBILB trilogy!


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