about me

hi, i'm madeline. i'm fifteen years old and i love to read anything and everything. well mostly, i read fantasy and magical realism, but I enjoy a good romance from time to time. i just have to be in a certain mood.

this blog was created out of my love for beautiful things and books alike. it will probably be mostly book posts. that's not for sure though. i'm still figuring things out :) in the end, there will probably be some of everything on this blog: music, travel, life - just a good mix. i like to change things up every so often, so don't get too comfortable...

a former gymnast turned runner, i do cross country and track, and i love almost every minute of it*. the best feeling is finishing a hard run. working out in general is one of my favorite things.

i am almost five feet tall. pleassseeeeee just let me grow a little more !!

*the exception would be the second mile of a 5k race. other than that we're pretty good.

favorite authors? J.K. Rowling // Leigh Bardugo // V.E. Schwab // Maggie Stiefvater // Jenny Han

favorite music? COLDPLAY(!) & lorde & billie eilish

favorite food?  sushi and korean food. duh. oh, but also pizza. with broccoli, pepperoni, and red onions.

favorite ice creams? (because it's a separate food group) ben and jerry's half baked. ben and jerry's chocolate therapy, coffee, and salted caramel, too. i love ice cream, ok??
**wait-- an update (03/17): i found out that i'm lactose intolerant, but that absolutely will not stop me from loving my ice cream. i will persevere gosh darn it.

any hobbies other than reading? nah.

just kidding--
running. i do a lot of it. if you ever want to clear your mind/be happy, go running. I COMMAND YOU.
i enjoy dabbling in fonts/graphic design. i love love LOVE brush fonts-- you can quite possibly tell that i am obsessed.
i also watercolor paint flora, fauna, and botanicals which is a lot of fun! i'm thinking of selling my designs on society6...stay tuned.

personality type? INTJ. prepare for world domination and missing socks.

favorite t.v. show? nothing at the moment...i'm just not feeling tv right now. i just finished Sherlock, and i refuse to believe that season four even happened. nooooo.

pet peeves? interesting fact: i am a very peeved person. at all times.
1. comic sans. it irks me. also, the felt tip pen font. just no. #fontsnob
2. when people knock into my shoulders in the hallway at school because i am short and people think i don't take up any space. i may be short, people, but i am there! (as you can tell, the sass is real.)
3. slow walkers. i am naturally a speed walker. why walk slow when you could walk fast??

(follow me please!)

my email is apaperreverieblog[at]gmail[dot]com