i'm back from hiatus! + my tbr list at the moment

Saturday, July 22, 2017

hey peeps! long time no see!

as you might know from my taking a break post, i was just at summer camp without technology and/or AC for the past month. it was a really good break from blogging-- i got to see friends i only spend time with once a year, climb some epic rocks duuuude, and read a good amount of books (i did run out of books with over a week left. whoops.). overall, it was nice not to have anything hanging over my shoulders for the month, but i am now ready to be back and blogging.

(i'm very proud of my muscles in this pic.) 
(here are some pictures of me climbing epic rocks, just for context.)

over the course of the month i realized this: it's really nice to be disconnected from technology, and i really should do it more often, but WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WHEN I NEED TO GOOGLE RANDOM QUESTIONS ABOUT BIOLOGY AND/OR HISTORY AND/OR LIFE IN GENERAL?? that was my real problem this month.

i've missed having a community who rave about books as much as i do and share my love of reading. now onto the tbr portion of this post.

01. The Picture of Dorian Gray

what's the heck is a Paper Reverie tbr list without at least(!) one antihero/morally ambiguous story. here is the requirement for the day. based on the blurb, i can tell that this is definitely my kind of book-- Wilde was apparently criticized for the book's "corrupting influence." YES, COME TO ME, CHILD. i neeeeeed you. books that pose moral and ethical dilemmas are my absolute favorite.

also, i really want to start reading more classic books, and this is a start. i am so bad at reading the classics. i'm procrastinating at least(!) four at this moment. 

02. The Weight of Feathers

i'm reading this at the moment. and loving it so far. on the front cover, there is a quote from Sabaa Tahir, relating this book to the Night Circus, and i can truly see this, not really in the premise of the story as you might think, but in the atmosphere the writing creates.

i do also love the premise of the story though too. it's something i've not seen in the books i've read: mermaid performers vs. bird performers. i like how "out there" the idea of the story is and how it ties into the magical atmosphere.

(later: aaaand i just realized i already put this on a tbr list, but i'm not deleting it because i think that i articulated my thoughts on it well. sorry if you noticed.)

03. The Song of Achilles 

the main reason that i want to read The Song of Achilles is to compare my reading experience of this to that of The Iliad and also see how the telling of the story relates to the original. i may even reread parts of The Iliad for this purpose, who knows. i'm so excited to read a story focused more on Patroclus than Achilles; i definitely like him better as a character. 

04. Nevernight

GUYS. the covers of (both) of this series are completely amazing. and also the reason i want to read them.  i also might completely love the premise of the story: the origin of an assassin who wants to take revenge on her enemies. YES PLEASE.

GUYS #2. my library purchased SO MANY books while i was gone (including this one), and i am super psyched to read all of them (including this one).

05. The Lies of Locke Lamora

i've heard Cait from Paper Fury rave about this book so many times yet i never thought about putting it on my tbr?? no sir-- i had to change this. 

and OMG WHAT'S THIS? another antihero story, who would've guessed??

06. Turtles All the Way Down

ahh John Green. i have mixed feelings about your books. (they're good, but not my favorite by far and i don't always like his protagonists.) however, i will still be reading this book when it comes out for the sheer fact that i'm curious about the title (i noticed the phrase in A Brief History of Time, which i just read), and it's John Green whom i love as a person, for goodness sake.

that's it for my "i'm back" post. i'm so glad i took a break, but i'm also so glad to be back blogging. i think that taking a break has already done good things in improving my blogging voice and letting me articulate thoughts more clearly.

what's on your tbr list at the moment, friend? have you taken a break from anything recently and come back better than before? how's life in general going for you (i haven't connected with you guys in awhile and would love to know!)

xo, madeline


  1. YAY I'm so happy that you're back!!!


    LIFE IS GREAT. Kind of. I'm lazy and sleepless.

    Okay, also, I also want to read Nevernight! Everyone's way too excited for the sequel and the UK arc is apparently highly coveted??

    1. i'm so glad to be back!

      SAME GIRL. this summer has run away from me so fast! idk where even the first month went??

      i've also noticed the hype for Godsgrave, and GAH THE COVER IS SO PRETTYYYYY.

  2. A break from technology is always great! I'm so happy you had a good time at summer camp! As far as what's on my TBR list, I bought A Great and Terrible Beauty as well as To All The Boys I've Loved Before. I'm so excited to read them

    1. thanks :) ooh i hope you enjoy both of those books!! i loved TATBILB!

  3. MADELINE YAY YOU'RE BACK! Ooh, you really got those muscles. XD I didn't like The Weight of Feathers as much as I liked When The Moon Was Ours (I think that's the title???) but it was still good! Nevernight... I TRIED to read it but I ended up DNF'ing it because it was soooooo dryyyyy and I just couldn't force myself to read it. But I'll come back to it one day! OMG I HEARD THE LIES OF LOCKE LAMORA IS DARK FANTASY AND YES!!! I'M SO READY FOR THIS!!! Glad you're back! :D

    may @ forever and everly

    1. WOOHOO!! update: i just finished The Weight Of Feathers the other day and... it was pretty good, but i was hoping it would be better...idk it felt like something was missing from the story, and the characters weren't my favorite :((( OOH i want to read When the Moon was Ours sooo bad!


    2. Oh, I SO agree! Something about The Weight of Feathers was off for me. I think it might've been the romance or something??? Idk.


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