eight ways that runners and bookworms are completely and utterly similar

Friday, August 11, 2017

in case you didn't know, i'm a runner.

i run cross county in the fall and distance track in the winter and spring with my high school. fun fact: i'm actually pretty new to the sport of running (only about two years of cross country, but probably more in terms of running for fun) because i was a competitive gymnast until last summer when i quit (but more on that another day. i have lots of fun stories about my years at the gym*). i would consider myself to be pretty intense(?) when it comes to running. i mean, i run year-round including in the summer (training for x-country) when it is HOT AS THE SUN down in the southeastern united states.

i'm also an avid reader (i bet you couldn't tell, ha). as i've gotten more experience (aka struggled and died several times in the process) with running, i've also noticed several similarities between bookworms and runners.

this post is inspired by the lovely and wonderful and witty May at Forever and Everly who did a post comparing Dancers and Bookworms (which i actually relate to a lot because dance is slightly similar to gymnastics)! pleaseeee check her post and her blog out!!! 

 *scratch the part about "fun stories." mostly it's stories about me dying during conditioning and rising from the dead a week later. #intense

01. they require a lottttt of endurance.

runners: i need to gradually build up my endurance so that i can be ready for the cross country season and not die because i'm out of shape.  WOOT.

bookworms: i need to gradually increase my book intake so that i can be reading 200 books a month by next year and complete ALL THE BOOKS on my tbr ever. YAY !!

02. they need to drink all the water.

runners: before i started running, i was a camel. meaning? I DID NOT DRINK WATER. AT ALL. oh boy. running changed this for me. we runners? we drink a lot of water  because we've just slaved through an eight mile run and lost gallons of water and blood and tears.

bookworms: we're drinking gallons and gallons of water because they've just finished a terrible  amazing book and I'M NOT CRYING YOU'RE CRYING, OK??? gotta rehydrate after all of that strenuous activity.

legit, that's me trying to drink water after a run.

03. they snack like there's no tomorrow. bring on the pasta.

runners: one of the many reasons, i love running so much is because i can snack afterwards without any regrets (i'm kinda joking, but not really actually). salty snacks taste so gooddd after running. ALSO, pasta (even the gluten free kind that i eat) is SO GOOD the night before track / cross country meets #carboloading

bookworms: i don't know about you, but i am totally a snacker when i am reading. apples and grapes and goldfish and IT DOESN'T MATTER. reading makes me a hungry munchkin. BONUS POINTS: pasta ALSO tastes good when you're before/after/during reading any type of book. #convenient

food is extremely important to the survival of both runners and bookworms alike, and we would surely die without it's comforting influence.

04. sometimes, it's hard to get them motivated. 

runners: i know i'm going to have to complete a long and/or death-inducing run or a painful PAINFULLLL workout (the november 30th hill workout NEVER FORGET AMEN*), and i really don't want to run at all right now, i don't care what you say. this is going to hurt, and I DON'T WANNA HURT TODAY.

bookworms: ughhh i don't want to read this extremely long and/or boring book. it's taking forever and i'm not even close to finishing, but i don't want to DNF it either. SOOOO i'm not going to read it at all and cue #unmotivation and #readingslump


*it's one of my indoor track team's inside jokes. but seriously, that hill workout was death itself and NEVER FORGET.

05. they torture themselves and then come back for more.

*after run and endorphin rush* WOW i love running did you know that I LOVE RUNNING?? so much fun and so much love for running !!! 
and so begins the never ending cycle.

bookworms: *while reading stressful book* I HATE MY LIFE AND THIS BOOK. i will destroy this book and everything it stands for (after i finish reading it of course).
*finishes reading book* WOW i love this book !! this is obviously a new #fave #lovereading and it wasn't even stressful at all! i have only good things to say! *goes to find another stressful book*

06. it's very easy for them to get injured. 

runners: what is this pain in my leg ???? i totally stretched and iced and everything so why the pain? it could be shin splints or a stress fracture or a sprained ankle or possibly the end of my running career?? REALLY, NO BIGGY.

bookworms: *beloved character dies* nooooo the pain in my heart is killing me !!! could i possibly be having a heart attack because My Favorite Character just died?? IT'S NOT LIKE I'M DYING IT'S FINE I'M FINE.

07. reading a book you don't like is a lot like running up a big hill??

/ also reading a long long book is also like running up a giant hill / also reading a stressful book in general.

because running up a large hill goes like this:
  • part one: hey, this isn't so bad! this isn't steep at all!
  • part two: *incline increases* ok. this is getting harder.
  • part three: *completely out of breath* WOW WAS I WRONG.
  • part four: *all focus is on breathing  NO ROOM FOR THINKING*
  • part five: *brief excitement* we made it!! wow. i'm tired. *collapses*
now look at this process from the perspective of reading. IT'S THE SAME THING WOW. mind blown.

08. they love what they do and keep doing it, even in pain and under duress

well, this is very cheesy and dramatic, but i needed to sum up the post somehow. but seriously, this sums up both my running life and my reading life. i have a love/hate relationship (but mostly love, about 85% to be exact) with running and reading, but at the end of the day, i keep doing both because they bring me joy.

wOWWW the level of cheese right now with this reason i just came up with

that's it for the post! i had so much fun writing this, more fun than i've had in awhile writing a post. and seriously, please check out May at her blog Forever and Everly if you haven't already. she is such a lovely and funny human bean and mango lover and you won't regret taking a trip over to her blog!

any runners/bookworms out there who relate to this? can you think of anymore ways that runners and bookworms are similar to each other? do you react the same way to stressful books (hating them and then loving them)?? I MUST KNOW.

xo, madeline


  1. I loved May's dancer and bookworm one! Such genius. I'm not a real runner myself as in I don't run a lot. But I agree with the motivation point. ALSO do you know how much snacks I get though whilst reading?

    PS.S That GIF at the end XD We torture ourselves, get injured and then repeat. SUCH GENIUS RIGHT HERE

    1. i know right?! i mean, based on how much i eat whilst reading i mayyyy have an idea??

      ahh i know! that gif is a gem-- i spent too long trying to find it!

  2. I LOVED THIS. Never Had I thought the two were a like but I see that they are now! Wonderful! Snacking and reading and running are some of the best things. Laughed so hard when you were explaining the tears ahaha

  3. This is such a fun post! I'm not much of a runner but I definitely get what you mean by both readers and runners torturing themselves to feel good. It's worth going through pain for a good outcome ��

    1. thank you! i had so much fun making it!

  4. I joined track last year and it was a lot of fun (and pain), but I'm also not very good haha, not to mention the fact that I fractured my god damn wrist at my first track meet, whoops... I wasn't able to fit track into my schedule this year sadly and I'm currently struggling with whether or not I should return for after school practice once the season starts. On one hand, I liked it a lot but on the other I kinda suck at it....

    1. aw i'm sorry you didn't have the greatest experience with track! :( i would absolutely return to after school practice! by the way, did you do distance or sprinting or what? (i may have already asked you this in the past but)

    2. Hmm I guess I did sprinting??? I attempted hurdles but it just wasn't working so the coach stuck me with the sprinters. I'm trying to get into long distance on my own though (speaking of that, would you happen to have any tips?). I want to return but haha, I'm just worried that other people don't want me there, cause lol you know, I suck....

    3. ok tips... (i'm so bad at tips but i'll try my best!) i would start with shorter distances and build up over time! i would probably not just jump in with the long long distance and workouts like i did because it's FREAKING PAINFUL.

      i think my greatest tip would be to find a running buddy, someone you can talk to while running! it REALLY helps me to run with someone because it motivates me to keep going even when i'm in pain/having trouble keeping going. or if you're not running with someone i would recommend listening to audiobooks (it's pretty distracting and you're killing 2 birds with one stone, eh?)

  5. Ha! This is great. Re-hydration after crying buckets of tears is very important. Also food. Snacks. I love snacks so much. Meals are nice too, but snacks. And self-induced torture! Why do we torture ourselves so much in so many different ways?! It's so strangely enjoyable.
    Humans are strange things.

    1. thanks :)) SNACKS ARE EVERYTHING oh my gosh. i don't understand at all why we love torturing ourselves with painful books but i will agree with you that humans are strange😂

  6. AHAHAH THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THOSE KIND WORDS ABOUT ME AND MY BLOG :') <333 and omg i love this post!!! it is TOTALLY true that we readers (and dancers, actually) keep torturing ourselves and hating the pain... but always come back for more. WE'RE SO ODD. and ahahha i should probably drink more water than i do??? i will barely drink more than a few sips a day -- unless i'm dancing. which is not good. love this post!

    may @ forever and everly

    1. you're welcome <3 yesss i totally agree! WE'RE SO STRANGE. actually same-- unless i've just been on a run i have so much trouble remembering to drink water!


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